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IClickPopGrip Swappable AS

PopSockets - Swappable PopGrip
New Swappable PopGrips make it easy to remove the base from the PopTop. Swap out the PopTops as needed, to match your mood, lifestyle, or brand. Remove the top completely to use your phone’s Qi wireless charging capabilities. Like a classic PopSockets® Grip the Swappable PopGrip sticks flat to the back of your phone with a repositionable gel. Once extended it becomes a media stand and grip. Making it easier to text with one hand, snap photos, and watch videos hands-free.
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IClickPopGrip AS

PopGrip AS
A PopGrip sticks flat to the back of your phone, tablet or case with its rinsable, repositionable gel. Once extended, a PopGrip becomes a media stand for your device, a photo or texting grip, or lower it for a video chat. The possibilities are endless with a PopGrip, and with full color imprinting, so are the imprint possibilities. The back of anyone's phone is prime real estate for any promotion, and the best part is that a PopGrip can be used on almost any brand of phone or phone case. *For best results, use in conjunction with a phone case. The PopGrip's gel is designed to stick to most materials, but it may have issues sticking to silicone, waterproof cases and textured materials, like leather.

Limited Warranty
Cannot be resold to the general public - PopSockets® products can only be used for promotional purposes
by the end-client, their employees, subsidiaries and authorized dealers. Restrictions apply. Click Here*PopGrips, PopPacks, PopMinis, PopWallets, and PopThirsts are patented products. All fakes are in violation of the patent.Interested in reselling PopSockets? Plea(more...)
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IClickCustom PopGrip Backer Card

Custom PopGrip Backer Card
Take your brand messaging to the next level with a full color custom backer card. When the 1.53" imprint area on the PopGrip isn't enough, take advantage of full-color, full-bleed, printing. The custom backer card provides the perfect real estate for your campaign. Include directions for activation's, direct users to visit your website, or just reinforce your brand message. *Custom backer card must include PopSockets logo on front, and all info on back.