PromoHunt is on a mission to make work in the promotional products industry simpler, more pleasant and productive.

Our Online Store Platform helps distributors and decorators easily provide Print-on-Demand, Pop-Up, Company Stores, and Redemption Stores to customers.

Our PromoHunt Toolbar, a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari, makes it effortless for distributors to access helpful supplier, buying group, regional association and distributor-specific details without leaving supplier websites.

Our values

These are the principles we use to build experiences at PromoHunt.

Be your own customer
Invest the time to deeply understand our customers. Solve their problems with products we would want for ourselves.
Empower others
Help people feel like they can accomplish whatever they are trying to do.
Be trustworthy
Act in an honest, direct and transparent way.
Create efficiency
Help people achieve their goals quickly, accurately, and with less effort.

At your service

If you have any questions, just drop us an email at [email protected]

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